Welcome to Center for Insight - Rathmalkanda Ella

“One day spent with  concentration is better than 100 years of distraction”
-Lord Buddha.

In October 2006, Ven. M. Upali Thero moved from Kanduboda and established a new center named Rathmalkanda Hermitage in Ella in the central hills, famous for its cool dry climate.

Situated in a beautiful setting & nestled amidst the lush tea bushes, coniferous pine wood and green rolling hills, it is a veritable paradise offers a mystical and serene atmosphere for the meditator. The mist clad Namunukula mountain range adds to the beauty of the panoramic view.

Meditation centre
meditation building
Ella Meditation center from up

Ratmalkanda  Meditation Centre offers instructions on Vipassana Meditation in the traditions of Ven Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.The centre is under the direction of Rev. M. Upali  Thero,  a pupil of Ven. Sumathipala Thera.

Rev. Upali has 30 years of experience in the practice of VIPASSANA MEDITATION and was the former Head of the Kanduboda  Meditation Centre. He was a former science teacher and a visiting lecturer of Buddhist philosophy at the Kelaniya University in 1999.

The land for the hermitage was donated by Mrs. Sudharma Ratwatte Kuruppu and family of Colombo.

Facilities for the Meditators

Centre provide all facilities including accommodation and meals for the meditators free of charge.

Rooms are equipped with electricity, comfortable beds, and hot water and attached bath rooms.

Accommodation for meditators

Rooms for meditators

Rooms with Attached bath rooms, hot water and comfortable sleeping facilities

Dining Room

Meditator Dinning room

Meditation Hall

Meditation hall for group meditation


Library with many books to study related subject areas

Tracks for Working Meditation

Walking meditation facilities both inside and outside

Facilities for Forest Meditation

Calm and silent backyard forest area to do silent meditation practice

Calm, green and cool environment in Ella provides the most suitable place for meditators to have
inner peace for practice insight meditation. You can also experience the breath taking views of Ella.

Staying at the Center – Please email or phone and check availability before you come. Please read  Meditate with Us for more information to prepare yourself.

Location & Contact

The main objective of the centre is to hold Vipassana courses usually for a duration of 2 weeks. Otherwise you can even stay 2, 3 days individually. No fees will be charged but donations for maintenance will be welcome.


Ratmalkanda Meditation Centre,Kithal Ella, Ella, SRI LANKA.

+94 572 050 234

+94 773 681 065