As well as the main things in meditation, one needs 4 conditions for successful practice.
  • Climate
  • Posture
  • Surroundings
  • Food

In today’s world there are very few places conducive to meditative development, Rathmalkanda is one such place.

The citizens of the world are welcome here to discover the fountain of wisdom within themselves through Vipassana (Insight). What’s more, it’s without any charges whatsoever! The centre is situated in a beautiful setting in an isolated village in Ella.  Nestling amidst the lush tea bushes, coniferous pine wood and green rolling hills, it is a veritable paradise that offers a mystical and serene atmosphere for the meditator. This mist clad Namunukula mountain range adds to the beauty of the panaromic view.


•  The cool dry climate which is one of the best in Sri Lanka (year round temperature between 16 Co to 26 Co and a humidity between 50- 70), is very conducive to meditation.
• Windy season is from May to June while the rainy season is during October/November  during  which period the temperature goes down to 10 c0


• Located 7 km away from the Bandarawela town on the Kithal Ella- Ella road and 4 km away from ELLA. (Off Badulla Bandarawela main Road) it is accessible both by bus and rail.