Center provides insight (vipassana) meditation practice for any individual or group irrespective of gender, religion or country. Instructions are provided in simple English and local language Sinhala. From beginners to advance yogis can stay and practice meditation in the center.  Many local and foreign meditators has found their inner peace by practicing insight meditation and the center is  situated in a popular tourist destination Ella Sri Lanka. Please contact and check availability by email or phone before you come.


 Center is run by the volunteer donations to provide accommodation and other facilities free of charge for the meditators. Any donations will help to develop facilities of the center  and cover the cost of  maintenance and water, electricity bills.


Rooms with attach bathrooms, comfortable beds, hot water will be provided. As the climate is cool and stays around 20C through out the year air conditioning is not needed.


Break fast and lunch provided free of charge in the center. If needed dinner can obtain from outside on own expenses.

Dress Code

Its necessary to wear white colour clothes for lunch and breakfast in the dinning hall. For group meditation at the meditation hall and other areas in the center it needs to wear light colour clothes to cover full body.

Essentials you might needs to bring with you

Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Umbrella, slippers, torch,soap, razors, towels, cloths to warm your self, white clothes, pen and note book for any notes and medicine for any ailments.


Usually the meditation practice starts at 3:30am in the morning and ends around 9:30pm.  Break fast is at 7 am and lunch is at 11.30 am. Complete Daily schedule will be provided at the center.

Rules and Regulations

There are no strict rules as such. But it expect everyone to maintain their self discipline during the stay.   Those who wants they can observe Eight Precepts  or five precepts which will help to improve meditation. Its necessary to maintain silence and not to disturb other yogis. If its necessary only you can go out side to buy any personal needs. 

Address and location:

RATHMALKANDA Meditation Centre ,Kithal Ella, Ella, SRI LANKA. (View Map)